Seaford, DE 19973

 Sussex County Voting Population

Eligibility (76.7% eligible to vote)
Race (74.8% white)
Gender (51.5% female)
Age (44% 30-64 yrs old)
Rural Population: 41.3%
Median Income: $54,218
5-yr Unemployment: 7.1%
Metro Area: Salisbury, MD
Population Description: Within a metro areas of 250,000 to 1 million population

 Sussex County Recent Election Results

2016 Presidential (38.6% voted Republican)
2012 Presidential (24.7% voted Democratic)
2016 US Senate
2016 US House
2016 Gubernatorial

 Current Elected Officials

This is the list of elected officials for Sussex County. This includes roles such as sheriff, treasurer, council members, district attorney and county commissioner.

Sussex County is located within the 1st Congressional District of DE .

Greg Fuller Profile Picture
 Greg Fuller
Sussex County Register of Wills
5 East Pine Street
Georgetown, DE 19947
 (302) 855-7875
Alexandra Reed Baker Profile Picture
 Alexandra Reed Baker
Sussex County Recorder of Deeds
2 The Circle
Georgetown, DE 19947
 (302) 855-7785
Norman A.
 Norman A. "Jay" Jones, Jr.
Sussex County Clerk of the Peace  (302) 853-1717
Robert Lee Profile Picture
 Robert Lee
Sussex County Sheriff  (302) 855-7830

This is the list of elected officials for Delaware. This includes roles such as Governor and Lieutenant Governor, US and state senators and house representatives.

Christopher A. Coons Profile Picture
 Christopher A. Coons
U.S. Senator
218 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
 (202) 224-5042
Thomas R. Carper Profile Picture
 Thomas R. Carper
U.S. Senator
513 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
 (202) 224-2441
Lisa Blunt Rochester Profile Picture
 Lisa Blunt Rochester
U.S. Representative
1724 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
 (202) 225-4165
John Carney Profile Picture
 John Carney
Governor of Delaware
150 Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard South
Dover, DE 19901
 (302) 744-4101
Bethany Hall-Long Profile Picture
 Bethany Hall-Long
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware
150 Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard South
Dover, DE 19901
 (302) 744-4333
Trinidad Navarro Profile Picture
 Trinidad Navarro
DE State Insurance Commissioner
1351 West North Street
Dover, DE 19904
 (302) 674-7300
Lydia E. York Profile Picture
 Lydia E. York
DE State Auditor of Accounts
401 Federal Street
Dover, DE 19901
 (302) 739-4241
Colleen C. Davis Profile Picture
 Colleen C. Davis
DE State Treasurer
820 Silver Lake Boulevard
Dover, DE 19904
 (302) 672-6700
Kathy Jennings Profile Picture
 Kathy Jennings
DE State Attorney General
820 North French Street
Wilmington, DE 19801
 (302) 577-8400

While the President and Vice President are the only elected officials at the National level, there are hundreds of other positions appointed by the President himself.

Delaware will cast 3 Electoral College votes in the upcoming 2020 Presidential elections.

Joseph R. Biden Profile Picture
 Joseph R. Biden
President of the United States
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest
Washington, DC 20500
 (202) 456-1111
Kamala D. Harris Profile Picture
 Kamala D. Harris
Vice President of the United States
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest
Washington, DC 20500
 (202) 456-1111

 Elected Role Descriptions


The Auditor General is the chief fiscal watchdog of the commonwealth. This person is responsible for using annual audits to ensure that all government money is spent legally and properly.

Clerk of Courts:

The county clerk is responsible for filing vital records including documents related to a specific county's population, including birth, death and marriage certificates. Sometimes the Clerk of Courts is also responsible for preparing ballots, maintaining voting machines and training poll workers.

Lieutenant Governor:

In most cases, the lieutenant governor is the highest officer of state after the governor, standing in for that officer when they are absent from the state or temporarily incapacitated. In the event a governor dies, resigns or is removed from office, the lieutenant governor typically becomes governor.

Recorder of Deeds:

The Recorder of Deeds is a government office tasked with maintaining public records and documents, specifically ones relating to real estate deals including ownership rights, planning documents, mortgages and historical transactions.

Register of Wills:

The principal duties of the Recorder of Wills include probating wills and filing all documents necessary to complete the administration of an estate. If a person dies without a will, the register, upon petition, will appoint an administrator of the estate.


A sheriff is responsible for all law enforcement at a county level, ensuring that all local, state, and federal laws are followed. He or she performs a role similar to that of a police chief of a municipal department, managing the department in charge of protecting people and property and maintaining civil order.


Typically, the Treasurer's duties include financial management and oversight of the particular department of which he or she manages. A Treasurer may also manage or oversee the financial affairs of the organization, often including tasks as selecting a bank, reconciling bank statements, and managing cash flow.

Elected Government identifies who your local elected officials are.

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