New York

New York

  Voting Population

Eligibility (69.1% eligible to vote)
New York, one of the 13 original colonies, joined the Union in July 1788. However, the state did not choose electors in the first election due to an internal dispute. In the 1810 Census, New York became the nation’s most populous state, and had the most electoral votes from the 1812 election until the 1972 election, when it relinquished that distinction to California.

has 29 Electoral College votes to cast in Presidential elections.

State Capital: Albany, NY   •   2020 Population: 19,440,469   •   US Representatives: 27

  Recent Election Results

2016 Presidential (20.7% voted Republican)
2012 Presidential (31.8% voted Democratic)
2016 US Senate
2016 US House
2014 Gubernatorial

 Current Elected Officials

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 Elected Role Descriptions

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