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Eligibility (73.9% eligible to vote)
Louisiana, created mostly, but not entirely, from land bought from France in the Louisiana Purchase, became a state in April 1812. Louisiana seceded from the Union during the Civil War and did not participate in the 1864 election. The state’s electoral votes were rejected in 1872 due to irregularities. Largely due to outward migration after Hurricane Katrina, Louisiana lost one electoral vote after the 2010 Census. Like many southern states, Louisiana voted Democratic from Reconstruction through World War II. Although perceived as solidly Republican today (Donald Trump won over Hillary Clinton by nearly 20 points in 2016), Louisiana has voted Democratic three times since 1976 when the nominee of that party was a Southern governor. Jimmy Carter won there in 1976, as did Bill Clinton, both in 1992 and 1996.

has 8 Electoral College votes to cast in Presidential elections.

State Capital: Baton Rouge, LA   •   2020 Population: 4,645,184   •   US Representatives: 6

  Recent Election Results

2016 Presidential (34.3% voted Republican)
2012 Presidential (23.6% voted Democratic)
2016 US Senate
2016 US House
2014 Gubernatorial

 Current Elected Officials

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