Voting Population

Eligibility (75.1% eligible to vote)
Kentucky entered the Union in June 1792, the second state to join after the original 13 colonies. A border state, Kentucky remained in the Union during the Civil War, yet joined most other southern states in voting almost exclusively Democratic from that era through World War II. Since the 1950s, Kentucky has been reliably Republican, although its voters have been willing to vote Democratic when a southern governor has run – the state voted for Jimmy Carter in 1976 and for Bill Clinton in both 1992 and 1996. In 2016, Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton 63% to 33%.

has 8 Electoral College votes to cast in Presidential elections.

State Capital: Frankfort, KY   •   2020 Population: 4,499,692   •   US Representatives: 6

  Recent Election Results

2016 Presidential (36.3% voted Republican)
2012 Presidential (20.5% voted Democratic)
2016 US Senate
2016 US House
2014 Gubernatorial

 Current Elected Officials

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 Elected Role Descriptions

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